We provide separate hostels for the boys and girls.The ladies hostel is within the college premises.The boy's hostels are around 300 meters away from the college.All the hostels are under ccTV coverage and under the care of the teachers & superitendents.All the students are provided 4 meals a day,Breakfast at 6.30 A.M,Lunch at 12.30 P.M,Snacks at 6.30 P.M and Dinner at 9.30 P.M.Each single day the teachers visit the hostel to clarify the doubts.

Library plays a unique role in preparing student's career and future.It should possess such books from every branch of knowledge,so that the students can quench their thirst for different occasions like fulfilling their academic needs,participating in debate and quiz competition writing essay etc.Through we have a good library, still we want to make it an excellent one by housing it with a diversified number of books.

LABORATORY creates an environment for student-centric explorative (learning by doing). It is all about learning, verifying and visualizing mathematical concepts in a 'fun' way. It inculcates learning through 'Applied Reasoning'. This learner centered approach to math helps every child imagine, investigate and interact effectively. The multiple teaching and

Now a days college academic shedule are really hectic for any student.And in this age a student need some rest for their proper mental and physical growth. To make them free from the hectic burdens, We celebrate all the functions like Ganesh puja,Saraswati puja,teacher's day,Deepabali and on outing to different places.

All students of our college are subject to regular medical check up to ensure optimum growth at all stages of childhood.All students will be under the supervision of an expert.A medical professional will moniter the students,advise and regulate the life style such as exrecise, diet,medicines and vitamins intake. The college has basic medical facilities define the health care centre. Our school can handle situations by providing immediate relief in the form of first-aid.

Smart Class is a highly interactive computer based aid which makes lessons come alive. Through the Smart class program teachers use digital resources such as Animation Clips, Videos, Diagrams, Maps, Graphs, Working models, Computer based simulations etc. from the vast repository, while teaching the chosen topic in the classroom enabling students to acquire a faster and a better understanding of the concepts taught. Through the internet teachers connect to information resources far beyond the physical confines of the classroom and bring the virtual world within the walls of the classroom thus exponentially increasing the knowledge base for practical use in teaching and learning.